Contact Governor Rauner to sign two Gun Violence Prevention bills, SB 337, Combating Illegal Gun Trafficking Act, and HB2354, the Firearms Restraining Order. It's Governor Rauner's turn to do the right thing and sign both of these bills into law. Click here to send an e-mail or call 312-814-2121 or 217-782-0244.


Our children and families cannot afford another one of the Governor's vetoes on Gun Violence Prevention measures. We're going to need your help urging him to keep children and communities safe, by signing SB 337 and HB 2354.

One day after the House passed the Combattng Illegal Gun Trafficking Act (SB 337), Democrats and Republicans in the Senate stood side by side to vote in favor of passing a responsible policy that holds corrupt gun dealers accountable. The vote was 35-20. It will keep thousands of illegal guns traced each year to Illinois gun dealers from getting into the wrong hands - 4,000 such illegal guns end up in our communities every year.

The measure would require the Illinois State Police to certify dealers and enacts provisions to better record and track private sales.

  • requiring certified licensees to make a copy of the buyers or transferee's valid FOID card or ID and attach it to the documentation detailing the sale.
  • requiring employees to have annual training regarding legal requirements, identifying straw purchasers and responsible business practices.
  • requiring certified licensees to have their place of business open for inspection by the State Police and local law enforcement. 

Also, HB 2354 the Firearms Restraining Order legislation that would allow for a family member or law enforcement to petition the courts to temporarily remove firearms from the home of a loved one who is determined by the court to be a risk to themselves or others.  It passed out of the Illinois Senate on a bi-partisan veto proof vote of 43-11-0. 

General Fund Budget

Contact Governor Rauner and urge him to sign the following immigration bills: SB 34 The VOiCES ACT, SB 35 The Safe Zones Act, and SB 3488 The Anti-Registry Program. Additionally, ask him to sign SB 3103 The Immigrant Tenant Protection Act and SB 3109 DFPR LICENSE-IMMIGRATION. click here to send an email or call 312-814-2121 or 217-782-0244.



Many immigration bills, three for which we had sent out TFAs (in support of) have passed both the Illinois Senate and House and are now being sent to the Governor:

  • SB 34, The Voices Act, which improves access to U and T visa in Illinois by requiring qualifying agencies to certify that a person is a crime survivor (in most cases) within 90 business days of a request. This bill will encourage immigrant domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking survivors to report their crimes to law enforcement and enable to seek potential relief from deportation.
  • SB 35, The Immigration Safe Zones Act, which directs the Attorney General to develop model policies to protect individuals in schools, hospitals, courthouses and other "sensitive locations" should ICE attempt to apprehend anyone on these locations.
  • SB 3488, The Anti-Registry Program Act, which bars state and local government agencies from participating in any form of registry based on race, religion, gender or other characteristics.

The following bills also passed out of the General Assembly and were supported by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) and other immigrant advocacy groups:

  • SB 3103, the Immigration Tenant Protection Act, which protects tenants in rental properties from threats based on their perceived immigration status
  • SB 3109, which removes eligibility requirements related to immigration status from many professional licenses
  • Funding to support US Census outreach in 2020 


The General Assembly passed a state budget (HB 109) that will fully fund the immigrant service line item, providing critical services to immigrants and refugees throughout the state!

The Governor has up to 90 days to sign or veto the bills. If he does nothing, the bills automatically become law.

Gun Dealer Certification

Call and e-mail your IL State Representative to vote YES on SB337, the Gun Dealer Certification bill. The House Judiciary Criminal Committee just passed out SB337 on a vote of 8-3. The bill now heads to the floor. The vote is going to happen very soon so we need you to take action as soon as possible.

Please post this on your Facebook page by clicking on the first Facebook icon at the top of this message. Please ask your friends to contact their State Representative! If you are the Facebook administrator for your local League, please post on your League's Facebook page.

To find your state representative:



We were successful in getting the bill called to the floor thanks to the great work of all of the Coalition member organizations.

We also outnumbered the IL State Rifle Association and the NRA on the witness slips: 4968 proponents and 4708 opponents!

Health Insurance Act

Call your Representative and ask them to Vote in support of HB2624 SA3 Short-Term Limited Duration Health Insurance Act. Also please file a witness slip in favor of HB2624 SA3 with the House Insurance Health and Life Committee that meets on Tuesday 5/29 at 3:30pm. This bill passed the Senate on May 25 with a bipartisan unanimous vote. Now it is vital this bill, so important to consumers, passes the House in the few days left of the session. The purpose of this bill is to regulate short term limited duration health plans. This will be accomplished by establishing a maximum coverage of 181 days in any given year. Will also require clearly written disclosures on all sales and marketing materials for these plans.

To find your legislator:

To file a witness slip:


There are proposed rules from HHS which would greatly expand the coverage period of short term plans from 90 days to 364 days. Short term plans are not regulated by the ACA or the IL insurance code. They can discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, they regularly rescind coverage when people become sick, and they are not required to cover any of the 10 essential health benefits. These plans are very confusing for consumers and an expansion in enrollment into short term plans could severely destabilize the individual marketplaces. There are signs nationally and here in Illinois, that those who sell these plans are gearing up to expand their markets.

Criminal justice system


Please contact Governor Rauner and ask him to sign four important measures passed by the General Assembly: HB4469, HB4741, HB5104, and HB5494. All four bills will make Illinois' criminal justice system more effective and humane.

Call the Governor's office at either 217-782-0244 (Springfield) or 312-814-2121 (Chicago). Remind the Governor that he has called criminal justice reform one of his top priorities. You may want to draw on the below summaries to explain why you support these measures.


  • HB4469 provides a framework to help pre-trial detainees exercise their right to vote. It also provides voter education resources to people returning from prison so they may re-engage fully with civic life. More information is available on this fact sheet
  • HB4741  enhances support to inmates by allowing them up to 7 visits per month, and by allowing them to submit to the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) 30 people who are authorized to visit them. 
  • HB5104 eliminates the $5 medical co-pay previously charged by IDOC for inmates to visit a nurse or doctor. This policy was a barrier to medical care for the poorest inmates.
  • HB5494 allows trafficking victims, who themselves have been criminally charged and convicted, to petition to seal their record immediately at the end of their sentence, without the 3 year waiting period. 

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