Governor Rauner set to VETO HB40

On April 14, 2017 Governor Bruce Rauner's office announced that, if passed, he would veto HB40. 

Please call Governor Rauner's office in Chicago at 312-814-2121 or Springfield at 217-782-0244, and ask him to reconsider his position and support HB40.
HB40 repeals a trigger provision in the 1975 Illinois Abortion Law that states if the decision in Roe v Wade is either overturned or modified by the Supreme Court of the United States, Illinois will revert back to the pre-Roe law that made abortion an illegal criminal act.  The removal of this trigger insures that women's healthcare decisions will be protected in Illinois regardless of any Supreme Court decision.
This bill also allows women covered by Medicaid and the State Employees Health Insurance to have coverage for abortion care.  Like all other women in Illinois, these two groups of women have a right to make their personal health care decisions

SUPPORT SB 31 (J. Cullerton) The Trust Act -- (Limits Police Interaction with ICE and Fosters Trust Between Local Police and Immigrant Communities)


Please contact your state Senator and ask him or her to VOTE YES on SB 31 The Illinois Trust Act.   

The Illinois TRUST Act sets reasonable, constitutional limits on local police interaction with ICE enforcement, and fosters trust between local police and immigrant communities.

The General Assembly is not in session until April 25th, but it is important that legislators be contacted in their district offices during their two-week break. 

Find contact information for  your State Legislators at


This bill sets a definitive line between local police and federal immigration agents and will protect immigrants and communities by letting them know that seeking police assistance will not result in deportation. SB 31 will help build trust between communities and local police.

Major provisions:

·         No deputizing of local police to serve as immigration agents: Bars law enforcement agencies in Illinois from engaging in immigration enforcement unless the federal immigration agents present a warrant issued by a judge.

·         Law enforcement certifications for immigrant crime victims: Creates deadlines and standards for law enforcement agencies to complete certifications requested by immigrant victims of certain crimes who cooperate with law enforcement. Certifications are one of the many requirements for immigrant crime victims to apply for certain visas.

·         No discriminatory registry programs: Bars local participation in federal registry programs based on national origin or religion, such as a potential Muslim registry.

·         SB 31 also includes the Immigration Safe Zones Act (HB 426), which bars federal immigration agents from entering state-funded schools or health institutions unless presenting a court-issued warrant. 

Nothing in this bill stops local police from working with ICE if ICE goes to court to get a warrant.

SB 1933 -- Automatic Voter Registration


Please contact your State Senator and ask him/her to vote to support SB 1933 for Automatic Voter Registration. 

The General Assembly is not in session until April 25th, but it is important that legislators be contacted in their district offices during their two-week break. 

Find phone numbers for you legislators at

SB 1933 was carefully crafted to improve the security and integrity of our electoral process, while saving money for state and local governments by streamlining our registration process; national experts were consulted to ensure compliance with federal law. Under SB 1933, a system of automatic voter registration would be created where, using reliable information already in the state database, eligible citizens would be able to register to vote or update their voter registration status. When an eligible voter interacts with a state agency such as the Secretary of State for driver's licenses, they would be automatically registered to vote unless they take action to opt out. Verified information would then be sent on to local election authorities, who would handle the actual registration.

Here are some reasons to support Automatic Voter Registration (AVR):

  • AVR greatly expands access to voting. AVR promises to add many more eligible Illinois voters to the rolls, making it more likely they will participate in elections, strengthening our democracy.
  • AVR makes our voter rolls more accurate and secure, by more frequently updating records when voters move, and by eliminating duplicate records. More accurate voter lists better ensure the integrity of our elections.

For many of the same reasons AVR is more accurate, it is also more efficient and over time will save taxpayers a significant amount of money.

Illinois Issues: The Real Chilling Effect Of A Property TaxFreeze

At first blush, Gov. Bruce Rauner's property tax freeze seems like a great idea. What homeowner wouldn't want to know the next tax bill will never, ever be larger than the last one?