RE: HB 4165 HA1 Do No Harm Healthcare Act

Call your State Representatives and ask them to vote in support of HB4165 HA1 Do No Harm Healthcare Act. This bill would prohibit state officials from applying any federal waiver, or other action without legislative approval, that would reduce or eliminate any protection or coverage required under the Affordable Care Act. This involves preventing any attempts to restrict or eliminate healthcare coverage, including but not limited to those with preexisting conditions. This includes any individual and group health insurance and Medicaid. 

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At the present time the US Congress and the Trump Administration are proposing actions that could threaten the health and well being of Illinoisans. These actions include rolling back consumer protections, cutting benefits, increasing consumer costs, and restricting access to healthcare coverage. The Do No Harm Healthcare Act would require the General Assembly to approve any proposed waivers, ensuring any attempt to restrict access to healthcare is open to public debate, oversight and scrutiny.

Lobby Day 2018



Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Springfield, IL

Please join us for Lobby Day 2018 at the State Capitol. All citizen lobbyist voices, veteran and newbie, are needed to make our voices heard with the legislature.

We will meet at the State House Inn, 101 E. Adams, in Springfield at 10 am for training and briefing on League supported legislation. Everyone is asked to talk about two bills: the Fair Tax Amendment and Illinois Redistricting Amendment HJRCA 43. 

These constitutional amendments must be passed by both houses by the end of the spring session to get on the general election ballot. There will be a list of other bills that participants may also discuss, including the ERA.

You are encouraged to find out who in your League plans on participating, and decide who will contact your legislators' offices as soon as possible to make appointments at 10:30 am or later to see them in their Springfield offices.

  • $15 per person
  • Lunch will be provided
  • Travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Sign up at

Want to prepare? Read Making Your Voice Heard.

Want to arrange a carpool to Lobby Day from your community? Go to

Train fare from Chicago to Springfield is $21 each way.


2020 Census



Call or visit your US Representative now during their recess and request that he/she object to a citizenship question being added to the 2020 Census. Find your legislators at or call 888-908-6307.

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross recently announced that there will be a citizenship question on the 2020 Census. The League of Women Voters vehemently opposes this measure, claiming that it will result in an undercount of those living in the United States and will jeopardize fair redistricting and the determination of the allocation of resources. Additionally, the call for a citizenship question is anti-immigrant in nature and will further instill fear, preventing immigrants from participating fully in the count.

The US Census, mandated by the Constitution, takes place every 10 years and counts every person living in the United States. The information it collects is used for redistricting and to allocate federal funds to local communities. A citizenship question has not been asked since 1950.

Talking Points as to why there should not be a citizenship question on the 2020 Census:

  • Undermines an accurate count: Including a question about citizenship in the 2020 Census will damage the chances for an accurate count of our country's population.
  • Change is a betrayal: This change to the way we count the number people living in the United States is a betrayal of the idea that in America, where every person counts.
  • Misleading motive for the change: This decision isn't about improving demographic data on citizenship to fulfill the Voting Rights Act. It's designed to frighten immigrants-citizens and non-citizens alike-so they won't participate in the Census. It's a blatant political maneuver meant to disenfranchise these groups and deny them equal representation.
  • Undermines the rights of eligible voters and threatens democracy: Including this question on the Census undermines the rights of eligible voters and threatens a process vital to our democracy.
  • Jeopardizes the allocation of important resources: A fair and accurate Census is essential to the way the federal government allocates resources for infrastructure, education, and transportation. Census data is critical when determining resources for fire, water and trash collection.
  • The Constitution mandates an accurate count of ALL people: The United States Constitution mandates an accurate count of all people living in the United States - not all citizens. Non-citizens are an integral part of our economy and need to be included in the 2020 Census to paint a complete picture of our great country.

To read LWVUS President Chris Carson's full response, "Census Citizenship Question Will Result in Inaccurate Count," go to: 

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The League of Women Voters encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government and works to influence public policy through education and advocacy. Any person, 16 or older, male or female, may join. The LWV is nonpartisan and neither supports nor opposes candidates for elected office but does act on issues after member study and consensus.