Marketing and Hospitality

It is the goal of our League to provide a framework of study and action that addresses issues brought before us. The MLD (Membership and Leadership Develpment Program) provided by the National League continues to guide our local leagues is ways that help us grow more effective in ways that engage members and helps us address important concerns that improve our local community. our state and ultimately our country.

Chris Schmitt, Finance Chair

Chris was born and raised in Peoria, IL. After attending IllinoisStateUniversity, she moved to the South Suburbs in 1963 to teach elementary school in Chicago Heights. Chris then attended ChicagoStateUniversity where she received a Masters Degree in Library Science and then pursued a library career as head of the Media Centers at Hillcrest HS; SD 160, Country Club Hills; Parker Jr. High in Flossmoor; and 16 years at the Flossmoor Public Library as Reference Librarian.

Chris retired with the State of Illinois 5-5 plan in 1994 when grandchildren --total of 6 now -- started arriving. Her husband, Lou, was a teacher, principal, and assistant superintendent in the Rich Township SD 227. They have two daughters -- Renee, with 4 girls, living in Cincinnati, and Cara, with 2 boys, living in Parker CO, outside of Denver. Chris was pleased to be invited to join the League in 1977 by long time friend and neighbor, Donna Roach. In 2000 she began sharing the Finance Chair position with Barbara Flowers until she moved to Quincy, IL.

These past 12 years with League has been spent contacting faithful and new sponsors to be advertisers in the H-F Area LWV Newsletter. Her pleasurable time is spent playing bridge, tennis, golf, gardening, participating in three book groups and keeping up with grandchildren. Chris oversees the “GIVING TREE” project at Christmas time at IJP which provides gifts for over 1000 recipients.

Janet Lawrence, Hospitality Chair

I grew up in the South Suburbs. I moved to Homewood with my family in1971, while in my teens. I moved to Chicago after College. When we had our first daughter, my husband and I moved back to the South Suburbs. I raised my two daughters in Homewood and they are raising their children in Homewood. I have been a nurse for 40 years much of that time working in the South Suburbs. I have been interested in the issues of environment, public health, and literacy. I am committed to the viability and future of Homewood.

Beth Bongard, Membership Book Chair

My educational and work background has been focused in Psychology.  I have done therapy, managed the Student Affairs Department in a large school of Nursing, and taught consulting psychology in a Ph.D Program, as well as a school of Nursing.  I later moved into the industrial end of psychology, where I consulted to many health care organizations, sub-contracted to a big six accounting firm, and designed focus groups for health care recruiting, among many other projects.   Ultimately my career focused on working with high-risk work groups in health care and in education.

I have been a member of LWV for about 13 years.  I joined because I have a passion for voting rights.  Once I learned all the activities of our League: observer corps, voter registration, candidate forums, etc., I knew I had joined a wonderful organization.

I am involved in recruiting new members, and I support our League by assisting with our Membership Handbook.

Belonging to LWV is a labor of love – I am so proud to be associated with these brilliant women (and men!) who work passionately to keep our democracy healthy.


Alesia Young, Webmaster

Alesia hold as MBA Business, an MBA in Marketing, and several BA’s in Culinary Arts, Liberal Arts and Computer Science.  Alesia is mother of three and an advocate of youth rights. She founded Strictlyteenzusa, a non-profit Athletics 2 Academics program and is now the new founding principle of Strictly T.E.A.M.S. USA, a STEAM Learning Group is partnership with Racing4Education.

She joined the League of Women Voters because she wants to make a change for youth. Alesia says, “I believe it’s important for our youth to know the history of voting and realize they, too, can make a change.”

Soon, Alesia’s organization will be the only privately help Athletics 2 Academics organization is the country. Soon, her organization will open an extreme sports complex in the Chicago Southland.


Annie Lawrence, Social Media

Annie has been a long time member of the Homewood-Flossmoor League. This is just one way she takes an active role in her local community. She earned a Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing from Knox College, in Galesburg, Illinois.  Today, she works as an administrative professional in the legal field, writes and volunteers for the Homewood-Flossmoor Chronicle, and runs a photography business. You will often find her with her family enjoying the parks, small businesses, and community events in the area. She is excited to help bring the work of the League to a wider audience in her role as Publicity Chair.