WE DID IT!!!!

We testified, we marched, we wrote letters, we called, we lobbied, we spoke out, we used social media, we used print media, we broadcast, we rallied, and we persisted a long, long, long time...and we did it!
Thanks and congratulations to all who made the ratification of the ERA in Illinois a reality!
If your state rep and /or senator voted yes please call, email, or write a thank you to him or her.


Census Announces Inclusion of Question on Citizenship

The U.S. Census is proposing a question that asks the citizenship status on the 2020 Census. The League called the addition of the question a step that would undermine the rights of eligible voters and threaten a process vital to our democracy. Visit the League Management Site for updated talking points and a sample LTE on this topic. You can also sign our petition urging Congress to act and correct this issue.

U.S. House to Vote on Balanced Budget Amendment

The House will vote to move a proposal that amends the U.S. Constitution to include a provision that mandates a balanced budget. The League has opposed this provision for decades and is urging lawmakers to vote against this proposal. A letter signed by 269 national organizations to reject this proposal has been recirculated on Capitol Hill.

NEW Webinar Announcement: Understanding the Dangers of a Constitutional Convention

A dangerous and misguided effort to alter the US Constitution through a Constitutional convention is being proposed and considered in state legislatures throughout the country. Many leading conservative and progressive groups, scholars, economists, lawmakers, and policy experts rightly oppose a constitutional convention, because of the unintended consequences of unraveling our nation’s fundamental freedoms. Join us on Wednesday, May 2 at 3:00 PM EDT to discuss learn more about this issue and the efforts supported by the League to stop this threat to our democracy from moving forward. For questions about this webinar please contact Jessica Jones Capparell